Remember Us

“We took this on the last afternoon we were legitimately in love. The memories are quite old now–trampled, torn, and buried but the pictures remain. I don’t hate you, Dave. I do want to move on–but in the little moments when the sunset is just right and the breeze is warm like that first night we kissed, remember us. Remember and be free.”


This One Is On Us

It’s the new year, everyone! We’d like to thank the lovely people who send in their submissions–we’d be nothing without you! In the language of flowers, the one associated with new beginnings and rebirth is the Daffodil. It just so happens that our good friend Christie sent us a rather lovely photo of one!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope to get more lovely submissions from you soon!!

One For My Girls


Today’s message comes from Lydia.

She says, “My darlings Allyson and Brenda, I used to take both of you on walks around the village and I still remember the little squeals of delight whenever we’d see the daisies. Now, both of you are engaged. Makes me miss the little kids that used to hold my hands tightly BUT I am so excited for the upcoming chapter in your lives!!”


anemone-652542_640We always wondered if there was a flower that came in black and white–I finally found it! I think it’s called an Anemone, not too sure about it though…BUT not at least you know what to get me!