Missing Summer

We got this submission from Brad. He goes on to write:

“What you see here is where Canola oil comes from. The yellow flowers you see are what we call Rapeseed or Rapaseed. It’s usually grown primarily for animal feed or to be turned int Canola oil. Before harvest, it’s a pretty great sight: unending fields of yellow–as far as the eye can see!”

Thanks for your informative post, Brad! We really appreciate it!


Today, we have a lovely submission from one of our dedicated readers, Shelly.

Shelly shared this photo from her trip to Japan. There is something that’s just lovely about sitting down beneath a cherry blossom tree in full bloom.

Thanks, Shelly! We’re praying for more safe travels for you!

Where It Never Ends

I went to the place you kept telling me about today.¬† It made me remember those moments where we talked as if we had all the time in the world. I wish you could have seen this with me but I know that somehow…you were there too. As your soul takes flight, my love, find another place for us. A place ¬†Somewhere it never ends. I’ll see you again. I promise.



Today’s incredible submission is from one proud parent!

My darling Jenna,

I still remember the time when you just asked to stop in order to take this snapshot. I told you it was beautiful and I don’t ever want you to stop pursuing your talent–no matter what other people say. I want you to remember that with a click of your finger, you’re able to transport people to different places and alter moods with the images you catch. Whenever I look at this, I feel so weightless–as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I’m so proud of you.

I love you to pieces, my sunburst.



I know we don’t always see eye to eye but I hope that one day–maybe off in the future, after you’ve spent enough time away from me and home–that you’ll understand all that I’ve ever done is for you.

You’re as adventurous as your father and as stubborn as I am. We’ll just have to trust that we’ve done our job right. I shall miss you, my darling Lori.


Summer in April

I miss being in a place where as soon as March and April hit, you KNOW you’re in the throes of summer. I suppose I’m just not cut out for a country with four seasons.

I miss being greeted by fields upon fields of sunflowers. I’m so happy I saved this photo. It will always remind me of home.




Do you remember that novel we shared when we were in high school? It was about cowboys and how there was that description of a Forget Me Not that really got your interest?

I finally found it, Val. It was hard getting it to grow but I did promise you, didn’t I? I miss you, Val. Say hi to my mom up there for me.

All my love,

A Childhood Memory

I remember when I was around 8 when my family moved. It was a pretty scary time for me. I decided to explore the back of the house while they were moving in boxes. Everything was unfamiliar and new and just when I was about to write off the whole thing–I saw them.

They were in a shaded part of the backyard so the colors really stood out. I had never seen Birds of Paradise before that time. It was a pretty magical moment, coming across something completely new and falling in love with it. I still love them to this day.


For My Kids

Today, we have a submission from Pamela with a message for her kids. She says:

“Hello Kristi and Jhon,

This flower is called a Gumamela from where I’m from. I used to make bubble mixtures with this and I hope we can do the same with your own kids. I miss you all!”